Collected Stories: Volume 2

I am close to finishing Volume 2 – I am getting feedback on the six stories I have already completed and I am trying to finish the seventh. The plan is to publish them in paperback in the late-summer of 2019. Once again, I’ll write a bit detail of each story separately, but in the meantime here is a summary of each:

Foggy Love Bottom: A slightly-supernatural love story set in a little village called ‘Foggy Love Bottom’ – a place where the living meet deceased loved ones.

Book of Giants: Journal 9: The ninth journal of a survivor of an apocalypse that has occurred eighteen months earlier. The reader learns of a solar flare that led to the breakdown of society and the emergence of giants.

Scary Morning in the Woods: a sequel to Scary Afternoon in the Garden. The attack by the creatures from the woods (described in Scary Afternoon in Volume 1) leads the town to take the fight to the creatures in the woods. Again, the boy narrates his involvement – called as a witness to a council meeting before heading to the woods with a group of men from the town to confront the creatures.

The Elephant of Marrakech: A retraces his steps to Marrakech to ‘find the elephant’ and make the decision he should have done seven years earlier. A fable about the passing of time, making choices and not letting opportunities pass.

I’m Not Matt Damon: A lone human being is recreated by aliens (after the destruction of planet earth by asteroids) in their mistaken belief that he was once the great leader of humanity and finest representative of life on earth – Matt Damon.

Sack Truck: A man loses his job as a result of a perfect storm of a confused memory and the fast-changing social mores of the modern world – all prompted by the innocent misunderstanding surrounding the use of a ‘sack truck’.

A Life’s Work: A 100 year old mafia boss is released from prison to be reunited with his family only to meet relatives of the victims of his crimes committed decades before.